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Family Owned and Operated


ELS Nashville is the passion and brainchild of Production Designer, Lighting Designer and Fabrication Designer, Austin Grundberg, and his Dad, veteran Electrical Engineer, Fabricator, and Electrical Contractor, Glenn Grundberg.


ELS started as a AV integration and Lighting Design company and quickly became a trusted "Jack Of All Trades" company trusted by many Entertainment Artists and Professionals. From full scale touring show design all the way to custom catered fabrication products that expand outside of the limits of the production industry. 

The trust we've gained over the years has led us to the simple mission statement...

We Can Handle That.

That's It. Whatever You Throw At Us... We will figure out a way to make it happen, on time, on budget, and at a level of quality and professionalism that will Blow You Away.

Check out our Blog for up-to-the-minute details on what we're involved in currently, and Call Us or Email Us for an absolutely Free, no obligation consultation on your next Project, Event, Tour, Custom need, or Electrical project.

We Can Handle It.