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So There Was This Kid...

Like many kids, this kid wanted to be a Fireman or a Cop. But unlike his peers, THIS kid didn't want to be a "Hero". No, THIS kid just wanted to...

Run The Lights & Sirens.

That kid is Austin Grundberg, and today he's our CEO and Senior Lighting Designer & Audio Engineer, among many other talents. Put simply, HE RUNS THE LIGHTS & SIRENS! And he does it very, very well.

Austin Grundberg

He's also an expert rigger, welder & fabricator, electronics tech, rack builder, fixture fixer, and a pretty nifty drummer and guitar player too. And that's not me blowing smoke just because...

I'm His Dad.

I'm an electrical engineer and commercial electrical contractor, as well as an expert rigger & fabricator myself.

For over 35 years now, I've been making the lights come on as a self-employed pro, and along the way I've developed a simple "mission statement"...

We Can Handle That.

That's It. Whatever You Throw At Us... We will figure out a way to make it happen, on time, on budget, and at a level of quality and professionalism that will Blow You Away.

Oh, I've also been playing guitars & other instruments for over 40 years myself- I actually did it for a living waaaay back in the 70's, livin' on the bus, and chasin' the dream... so I know a little bit about this stuff ;-)

Check out our Blog for up-to-the-minute details on what we're involved in currently, and Call Us or Email Us for an absolutely Free, no obligation consultation on your next Project, Event, or Tour.

We Can Handle It.