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Production Services

Top-Quality Production Services- Soup-to-nuts, and VERY Budget Friendly.

ELS ProductionsELS has some of the world's BEST Staging, Trussing, & Fabrication capabilities. We partner with many fine firms to bring you a reasonably priced production package that's safe, highly functional, and attractive, yet WON'T break the bank!

From the craziest design-built flatbed festival stage, to a full-blown outdoor mobile unit, to a sports deck for an indoor karate tournament, No Gig is beyond us: in fact, we specialize in smaller festival and corporate gigs, but we can handle any size production- Just Try Us.

We are fully Licensed & Insured, and our Riggers & Stage Crews are some of the best in the business.


Call Us Today for a Free, No-obligation consultation, and discover yet another reason they call us "Extreme".