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Battle Of Atlanta 2016

Posted by Glenn Grundberg on

ELS recently completed our FIRST Full Traveling Production, the prestigious "Battle Of Atlanta" Karate Tournament! More than 50 years old, this event is produced by Truth Entertainment and is held yearly at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

With competition in over 30 divisions and classes, and competitors from over 10 countries, 2,000 in all, it's not a small production...and (we're told) we nailed it.

We were responsible for the entire entertainment package- Stage, Truss, Lighting, Audio, and Video...Soup-to-nuts. We sourced the stage locally, but had to pick it up and build/strike it in-house.

Due to super-tight budget constraints, we found it cheaper and more efficient to source truss and lighting in Nashville, and truck it to the venue along with our house rig- we also built and struck the Entire Rig ourselves! Here's some great shots of ELS in action:

The Prep:

Prep time for BOA 2016

Ready to load up!

Pack it up!

Load in and Rig!

Man, I'm tired...

It's 2am...Do you know where YOUR kids are?

It's OK, we're pros!

Almost there...

Ready to rumble...


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